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I've got the College Blues' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
I've got the College Blues

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[06 Feb 2007|09:26pm]

To whom it may concern,


Forgive me if this is not appropriate, but here goes:

Out of two hundred biology students only one student scored an A on our first exam.Collapse )
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[05 Jan 2007|05:43pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

well..i just got to college. im 20 years old and i've been to college before, but never away from home. now im 4 hrs from home and im sad!
i come from the country so i have a ranch and of course animals and i really miss that!
any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

by the way, im at tarleton state university in stephenville, tx.

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Fun with Physics [27 Sep 2005|05:04pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

New member here....but I just had the suckiest class yet and really need to vent.

Cut for extreme professor evilness.Collapse )

Seriously, this bastard almost made me cry right in class. I should have. Let him see what it's like to deal with me when I REALLY am hysterical!

*Name obvioulsy changed to protect the idiotic
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same as [23 Apr 2005|01:35pm]

still here, just changed. i was iluvlupinthe3rd b4 this.
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crap [17 Apr 2005|10:19am]
[ mood | depressed ]

hi. just another lonely college kid. I go to San Diego City College, I'm 21 and I have no life. I'm taking Political Science 102 and Psychology 101. I'm failing Psychology 101 and in my Political Science class I'm passing with a D - thank God. ugh. I've been on academic probation one time, the first time. Had to go to a workshop. why did i pick out these classes? i didn't know they wre gonna be this hard! ugh...

i'll be so damn happy when these classes are over! i'm a procrastinator. oh man. i always do things at the last minute. i study for tests and quizzes the night before. i hardly ever sleep. i knew i should've dropped psychology, but i couldn't do it. damn, just HAD to open my big mouth and promise my teacher i'd study more. shit.


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I need some advice!! please! [15 Nov 2004|11:26am]

Ok.. so I put up a sign in the the bathroom because my apartment-mate NEVER flushes the toilet after she goes to the bathroom in the morning. I mean she goes to the bathroom takes a shower and then doesn't flush before her shower and forgets ... so I made a sign.. but she's kinda zoney and just not in complete touch with reality and I guess hasn't noticed the sign cause SHE STILL DOESN"T FLUSH.. it's unsanitary and gross!!! what would you do!? I'm too embarrassed to talk to her cause I'm kinda bossy to her already for other reason and I'm scared she's gonna get mad!
My other issue is the Kitchen Sink. she leaves her dirty dishes out. My parents were here last night and today and she made soup last night and the pot with soup remains is filled with water in the sink. it's UBER disgusting! and smells. I think i'll put up another sign cause I already asked her to take care of her dishes, because in the house I was raised YOU NEVER GO TO BED WITH DIRTY DISHES OUT! and it's unsanitary, also I have a towel next to the sink where I put my dishes to dry and she sets her dirty dishes on it.. also unsanitary! what can I do!?!?!? (I've mentioned how it's for clean dishes many times already!)
And she chews her gum and food with her mouth open!! i can hear her chewing her gum from my room which is soo annoying!!! cause she is chewing gum consstantly!
X-posted cause I need help!!
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Come join! and yes, I am new here. [02 Oct 2004|11:23am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

broke_kids wants you! That's right, come join now!

Sorry for the crappy advertisment, but my poor little community needs help (aka more people).

My name is Jenn. I live in New Mexico and go to Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institue Community College. Wow. What a mouthful. Anyway, I am the typical starving college student. I have a work study job as an AV tech at the school. I graduate from here next summer then transfer to the University of New Mexico. Yay.

Anyway... um... hi?

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11 weeks, 11 weeks, 11- oh hell, I wish it was December... [24 Sep 2004|03:36pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

I just keep telling myself that. Maybe it will help. In the end, there will be an end to my torture and imprisonment here.

Received a lovely e-mail from my former theory professor. This was not the sort of attention from the music dept. that I was looking for. Guess who gets to RE-redo the last part of the theory exam? yeah, me. Motherf***ers.

I don't know what part of this doesn't mean shit to me no one seems to understand. It's not like I have anything invested in it. That makes it easy to do it over coz I don't feel the least bit guilty if it is does crappy. At the same time, it is a waste of my time to do something AGAIN that is not important. It's not something I'm going to need after I graduate. It's like 90% of what we learn in public school -- meaningless.

More fun, I have the honor of making an appointment so we can discuss it after I've done it AGAIN. Gee I can't wait.

They just couldn't leave well enough alone. When I said to e-mail me if there was anything missing, I didn't mean it. Perhaps I should've added "I don't really mean that. I'm just being polite. Leave me the hell alone. -- Screw you all, Sarah"

Hmmm, maybe not.

Oh I'll do it again, like a good student should, even though I'm the disgrace of the Music Dept., the rebel child who didn't play by the rules. Naughty me for taking one extra semester, AND changing my major (slightly) to boot! Let's not forget I was the transfer student from a community college (ewww...NOT). I'll do it again, and hope this time they will just leave me be in peace. That's all I want really. If I didn't have to, I wouldn't go to Commencement in May. They can mail my degree for all I care.

Whatever...I know this will end. And that is more comforting that even I can comprehend right now.

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Oh just shoot me... [20 Sep 2004|01:23pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi, I'm new, here's my rant (lol):

4th week of classes and I can't take it anymore. Perhaps I should explain, but I have to make it brief, coz I have one boring-ass Sociology class to go to! *sigh*

I go to college @ Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA. I transferred here after getting my AA @ Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland (I'm from Annapolis, MD). First semester here SUCKED. I was living on a smoking floor ( I don't smoke), my neighbors were noisy as all hell, and my voice professor was an asshole. I was ready to transfer after less than a semester here. But I decided to stick it out and drop my voice classes. Instead of overloading and basically committing academic suicide (what my prof was suggesting), I opted for a course load I could actually manage, and a major in Music History. I was supposed to graduate in the spring of '04, but being the rebel student and not overloading meant taking an extra semester (this semester)

Anyway...now this is my last semester here. I'm bascially just taking classes so I have enough credits to graduate. I don't like it here in Lynchburg...and the monotony of going to classes and doing homework everyday is turning my brain into liquidy-goo. *lol*

After how well my first two years of college went (at community college), it's hard for me to adjust to dorm life. I just don't like it.

12 more weeks of classes, 12 more weeks of classes...

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Nevermind... [01 Sep 2004|11:03am]
I have figured it out. Well, hello, everyone. I'm a college student, and, unfortunately, a commuter. This does nothing for my social-life. Possibly why I've joined livejournal? Hehe, well, if anyone wants to disect the many ways in which college sucks with me, feel free.
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[11 Aug 2004|10:51pm]
Hey, i'm one of the Campus Managers for studentcity.com spring break trips. If you're planning on going on spring break next year, and you're interested in going with some celebrities, studentcity is where it's at! Email me if you want more info on how to go for free AND VIP!


Thanks guys!
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[24 Mar 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Okay tell me I'm not alone on this.
I have a 7 page essay due in exactly 4 hours and twenty minuets and all I have done is the first paragraph and I'm already stumped.

I sincerely hate procrastination.

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hola - ADD ME [03 Dec 2003|06:40pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

im stuck in the library cramming for two tests :-( can you feel my pain. Add me if you do.

I'm 21, a senior at the University of Texas, English major, confused about absolutly everything in my life.

I live in Austin, Texas with my roomate, i graduate in May (my birthday is in May too) lets see what else.

If you have any questions just ask. I love to have insightful and silly conversations about just about anything.

Give me a try and you might be surprised ok that just sounded dumb. Oh well.



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check it [22 Sep 2003|11:31am]

[ mood | busy ]


I'm new to this community, but I figured my first post would be a good one to mention a relevant website, The Quad. It's an internet community for current and prospective college students. It's pretty new so there aren't a whole lot of users yet, but it's also pretty cool... when you create a profile, there are neat Friendster-esque features where you can connect to your friends on the site and leave comments on people's profiles (but unlike Friendster, this site actually is up most of the time!) Haha. There are also school ratings and stuff for those looking at schools or looking to transfer. Anyway...it's a good place to ask specific questions about your school, because there are forums for nearly every school in the country. Just a head's up.

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homework sucks the big one... [06 Sep 2003|04:17pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

i swear, i have so much work to do this weekend that i dont think that i even have enough time to do it all. its so very sad :(

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homework [05 Sep 2003|02:42pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

well.... homework freaking sucks when you have a kick ass weekend planned.... the question is though... will it get done???

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[30 Apr 2003|12:18am]

I'm new here - I joined b/c I heard about this from
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I'm new here - I joined b/c I heard about this from <lj-user="firediamond"> so thanks Carly.

Ag I'm drowning in work - I have 2 nasty exams coming up, a poetry reading tomorrow, 4 essays due - plus I still have to finish billing and designing ads for the school paper (I'm the advertising maanger), and I have a ton of stuff to do for my house these next two weeks (stuff for new members for next year, etc) and dinners for the equestrian team. This wouldn't all be so bad if I wasn't getting sick on top of it!

14 days and I'm done.
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newbie [29 Apr 2003|07:07pm]

[ mood | procrastinative ]

well i am new and posting here just gives me more things to do while i procrastinate doing all that i have to do... including but not limited to:

---- 3 calc assignments
---- 2 physics assignments
---- a supposedly two week matlab that i haven't started that's due on thursday
---- study for my calc 2 test this friday
---- study for physics test next tues
---- first final is on the 11th (damn saturday finals)
---- study for my engineering science test on tuesday
---- pack all my things before may 16th when dorms close
---- find a house to live in
---- register for fall classes
---- finish renewing my FAFSA

and i'm sure there's a bunch of other things that should be on that list too that aren't yet.

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wow [29 Apr 2003|09:47am]

[ mood | stressed ]

it was nice to come back from giving a pointless speech presentation to see some posts here. heh.

im going to take the opportunity to rant about all the work i have to do this week:
- 15 page philosophy paper
- 9 english journals
- english research paper
- speech final presentation
- AND study for a chem and philosophy final.

fucking a. what the hell am i going to do? i work every night except thursday.. which im going to be spending in a hospital visiting my grandpa. ahhhhhhhhhhh........ im going to fail out of school.


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[28 Apr 2003|05:31pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

*starts work on writing her lesson plan presentation that is to be presented either tommorrow or thursday*

heres to hoping i get chosen to go thursday!

hehe ah procrastination my friend...also pressure is a great motivator.

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