Allison (kissmeimjewish) wrote in collegeblues,

I need some advice!! please!

Ok.. so I put up a sign in the the bathroom because my apartment-mate NEVER flushes the toilet after she goes to the bathroom in the morning. I mean she goes to the bathroom takes a shower and then doesn't flush before her shower and forgets ... so I made a sign.. but she's kinda zoney and just not in complete touch with reality and I guess hasn't noticed the sign cause SHE STILL DOESN"T FLUSH.. it's unsanitary and gross!!! what would you do!? I'm too embarrassed to talk to her cause I'm kinda bossy to her already for other reason and I'm scared she's gonna get mad!
My other issue is the Kitchen Sink. she leaves her dirty dishes out. My parents were here last night and today and she made soup last night and the pot with soup remains is filled with water in the sink. it's UBER disgusting! and smells. I think i'll put up another sign cause I already asked her to take care of her dishes, because in the house I was raised YOU NEVER GO TO BED WITH DIRTY DISHES OUT! and it's unsanitary, also I have a towel next to the sink where I put my dishes to dry and she sets her dirty dishes on it.. also unsanitary! what can I do!?!?!? (I've mentioned how it's for clean dishes many times already!)
And she chews her gum and food with her mouth open!! i can hear her chewing her gum from my room which is soo annoying!!! cause she is chewing gum consstantly!
X-posted cause I need help!!
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I know you don't want to hear this...but I think you're going to have to talk to your roomie. Lol, I've done the signs thing too. It's like you wanna be polite and not cramp their style...but signs don't work for these kinds of people! If they are goofy enough to ignore hygiene, they are probably goofy enough to ignore signs. Yeah, I think you should talk to her, before you end up randomly blowing up one day...but, lol, I suck at advice. I thought I had it bad... my eye starts twitching because my roomie can't RECYCLE and she never cleans...but ahh, let me know how it turns out. I'm curious...
that's one of the reasons i get angry with my older brother. We live in one place since we're both in college. It's been 5 years and still he hasn't got the point of cleaning up the dishes. At least put all those icky food remains in the trash before putting it in the sink. I just can't stand washing smelly slimy dishes. Eeeew. I confront him all the time... I don't really understand why he can't get what I'm tellin him. I don't really mind washing dishes... its just that I hate slimy and smelly stuff... All those floaty little remnants. It's soooo annoying.
The advice... I dunno... There just seem to be individuals who doesn't have (and can't acquire) proper hygiene.