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Oh just shoot me...

Hi, I'm new, here's my rant (lol):

4th week of classes and I can't take it anymore. Perhaps I should explain, but I have to make it brief, coz I have one boring-ass Sociology class to go to! *sigh*

I go to college @ Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA. I transferred here after getting my AA @ Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland (I'm from Annapolis, MD). First semester here SUCKED. I was living on a smoking floor ( I don't smoke), my neighbors were noisy as all hell, and my voice professor was an asshole. I was ready to transfer after less than a semester here. But I decided to stick it out and drop my voice classes. Instead of overloading and basically committing academic suicide (what my prof was suggesting), I opted for a course load I could actually manage, and a major in Music History. I was supposed to graduate in the spring of '04, but being the rebel student and not overloading meant taking an extra semester (this semester) this is my last semester here. I'm bascially just taking classes so I have enough credits to graduate. I don't like it here in Lynchburg...and the monotony of going to classes and doing homework everyday is turning my brain into liquidy-goo. *lol*

After how well my first two years of college went (at community college), it's hard for me to adjust to dorm life. I just don't like it.

12 more weeks of classes, 12 more weeks of classes...
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I like your icon! Beauty and the Beast is my all-time fav. Sorry, this post was more than a little irrelovent.
*lol* It's my favorite movie too, i have more Beauty and the Beast stuff than I have room for it!
YOu are lucky that you have only 12 weeks left. I have a year and three weeks left of school. I go to a school of only 700 students. I thought it was going to be grand considering that my high school had over 3,000 students, but I was wrong.

Like you said, the monotony of the whole thing. It seems like the only way to have a social life is to get addicted to video games or go out drinking every night, and that is just not me.

I can't wait to graduate.
Well, that post is a little old, it's from last semester. I'm so glad I survived! Graduation is May 15th, I have to go down there the

I'm thinking if I can I'd like to go to a larger college (Towson University). It's in-state, so I wouldn't have to live on campus.
I don't miss the monotony. I can have a social life now, though it's not much, lol...

Before you know it, graduation will be here. :)