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Fun with Physics

New member here....but I just had the suckiest class yet and really need to vent.

Never, in my entire life, have I met a professor so fucking condescending! It doesn't help that I hate physics to begin with, and have since highschool. Now it's not that I have anything against the subject (given teachers who aren't asses, I might actually enjoy it...after all, I have been know to enjoy classes such as organic chemistry), but every person who's ever attempted to teach the subject has been a complete fucktard.

So I go into lab...Professor Fucktard* (called PF for the rest of the post) waltzed in 10 minutes late and hands out the lab assignments (which he neglected to do in lecture). We begin. It was an easy lab, I figured we'd be done in like an hour. My group had the entire experiment done, including calculations, in less than 45 minutes. All that remained was to make a graph.

Fine. No problem. We do the graph in PSI Plot (its kinda like Excel on steroids...it has more options than anyone could possibly need, and is therefore overly complicated) and print.

PF comes over and says, no, thats not how to do that.

I'm like what the fuck? Accelerations's on the X and Force is on the Y, just like YOU TOLD US!

PF: It doesn't go through the origin
ME: So?
PF: The line needs to go through zero-zero.
ME: *is confused* But that's not what the data says. **Thinking-Rule #1: NEVER alter data to get it to do what YOU think it should**
PF: It doesn't matter.
ME: *still confused* Why not? Wouldn't that be altering the data?
PF: No.
ME: *even more confused* But we're changing the data points!
PF: I don't care.
ME: Whatever *still royally confused, but at this point I give up* How do I change it?
PF: *doesn't know how to change it. Goes through many complicated steps, back and forth. Finally gets what he wants, after fucking with the data so much I can't even recognize the shit anymore*
PF: There. THAT'S how I want it to look. *deletes it*
ME: *facedesk*

An hour later

ME and GROUP: *figures out what the hell he did and prints*
PRINTER: *eats the paper*

So we have a fight with the ancient printer and manage to get it to spit out the charts and graphs and such.

ME and GROUP: *show Professor Fucktard graph which looks exactly how he wanted it*
PF: Wait, no, that's not what I wanted. Do it this way *shows us*
ME: *thinking WHAT THE FUCK!!!* That's what I showed you an hour ago and you told us was wrong!
PF: Oh well.
Me and GROUP: *exchange Murderous Looks of Rage (tm) and change graph back to the way we originally had it*

ME: *as politely as I can muster* You know, in the future, it would be nice to have some sort of sheet with directions which state exacly what you want and how to get it so this cunfusion is avoided.
PF: Well you should know what I expect.
ME: How can I possibly know what you want if you tell me one thing, then tell me its wrong and then change it back to what I had to begin with. A handout explaining what you want would clearly show students what to do.
PF: Well, I'm the professor, it's my job to know how to work the program.
ME: *ignoreing the fact that he obviosly DOESN'T know how to work PSI Plot* Look, I'm just saying, for future students, because it's very frustrating to be put in a situation like this every week.
PF: That's not my fault *walks away*
ME: *like hell it's not your fault*

Honestly, how am I supposed to do my work properly if he doesn;t know what he wants me to hand in?!

I would also like to point out that I was right in the beginning, and didn't throw it back in his face like I could have (yes I said "I had that in the beginning," but I never once tried to really make it seem like he was wrong....only that I was very frustrated and confused)

Seriously, this bastard almost made me cry right in class. I should have. Let him see what it's like to deal with me when I REALLY am hysterical!

*Name obvioulsy changed to protect the idiotic
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